M.A.N.T.E. Staff Training Program

1. Committee Membership And Fund Establishment

Association – One Association appointed representative from each of:
• Educational Assistants

• Secretarial Assistants

• Student Assistants

• Library Technicians

• The Manager of Human Resources

• The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

• One Division appointed School Principal

Reimbursement is to be drawn from a Professional Development Fund, jointly funded by the Division and the Association in the amount of $7,500.00 per annum each.


2. Duties Of The Committee

The Professional Development Committee for Support Staff represented by the Manitoba Association of Non-Teaching Employees, (“The Committee”), will meet at least once per school year, during school hours to review policy issues.  The meeting will be deemed to have a quorum if at least two Association members and two Division members are present.

Applications from individual employees are to be forwarded to the division appointed principal who will then distribute copies of the application and any accompanying documentation to the Committee members.  Approval of individual applications for reimbursement will be decided on the basis of a vote of the Committee members.  The majority of votes will determine the acceptance or rejection of an application for reimbursement.

If the individual application for funding involves out of Winnipeg travel, the Committee must receive confirmation that similar training is not available in Winnipeg.

The Committee will review all applications received in advance of attendance provided the employee has first sought funding at the school level and provided further that the employee is a non-probationary, permanent, employee of the Division.   Priority will be given to development, which will have direct benefit to the individual employee in carrying out their current duties and responsibilities and/or would assist the employee in achieving a promotion to another support-staff position within the Division.

 Substitute coverage may also be approved by the Committee as it relates to the development opportunity.  Substitute coverage will not be provided, and therefore development during school hours is not encouraged, unless the development is specifically related to the employee’s current position.

 The Committee will, in reviewing individual applications for reimbursement, consider the benefits that other employees may derive from the provision of funds to an individual employee (i.e. transferability of knowledge); and will not normally approve more than two employees per building for the same session unless employees are attending separate parts of the session.

The Committee will, in considering individual applications, take into account the cost of the reimbursement sought to ensure that no one individual applicant receives an unfair share of the available funding and the total budget.  No employee will be allocated more than $2,500.00 in funding during any three consecutive school years.


3. Provision Of Funds

Upon approval of the Committee, employees who have applied for funds will be provided monetary remuneration in the following manner;

1. For seminars, lectures, etc., within the city limits, the full amount will be paid upon proof of registration.  There will be no provision for travel or parking expenses.

2. For courses, one-half of the full amount will be paid upon proof of registration and the other one-half upon receipt of proof of successful completion of the course.  There will be no provision for travel or parking expenses.

3. For seminars, conferences, lectures, where travel is outside the city limits, 90% of the full amount will be paid upon proof of registration.  The remaining 10% will be forwarded upon receiving the necessary receipts.  Receipts must be submitted within two weeks of the employee’s return; and may not exceed the original amount requested.

4. General

Upon completion of a course or seminar, the employee who has received funding from the Committee must submit the evaluation form provided.

Employees who have received Professional Development Funds must be willing to serve as a resource on the subject matter; should the need arise.