MANTE Staff,

All Violent Incident Reports are to now be completed online.

Following a violent incident, the MANTE staff member is asked to complete and submit the online Violent Incident Report form. Once submitted, you will receive a copy of the report via email for your records. Additionally, copies of the completed form will be immediately forwarded to the following parties:
Human Resources Department: Cindy Labaty
MANTE President: Jennifer Monaster
Superintendent’s Department: Jenness Moffit
Your School Administrator
Upon receiving the report, the school administrator is expected to advise the staff member of the actions taken within 10 days.  If this does not happen or, “We are taking care of it” which is not an acceptable response to actions taken, contact MANTE at and we will follow up.  We will also follow-up if there are multiple reports with no changes happening.

Health and Welfare
A reminder that a card when there is a death of a spouse, parent, or child: when someone had a baby, or when someone has been off sick for 2 weeks or more. Please contact Maggi Sawchuk at  for health and welfare. This includes over the summer break. Maggi will be checking her email regularly.

*Remember to use your personal day this school year if you still haven’t. Otherwise, it’s use it or lose it.

Right to Refuse

An employee may refuse to perform work at a workplace where she has reasonable grounds to believe and does believe that the particular work is dangerous to their safety or health, or the safety and health of another person.  The refusal should be reported to the employee’s administrator/supervisor.  The procedure for reporting and investigating such a refusal shall be set forth in the Division’s policies and The Workplace Safety and Health Act and its Regulations.