Message from the President

MANTE members

The return of students and staff during this very difficult time has many seeing increased stress and anxiety.

The division does not have an Employee Assistance Plan so I have complied a list of some Mental Health resources.

CMHA – Mental Health Advocate 204-982-6100

WHRA – Mental Health Programs 204-926-700

Family Dynamic Counselling Program 204-947-1401

Geriatric Mental Health and Mental Health Services for Seniors 204-982-0140

You can also ask your family physician for a referral to a Mental Health Professional.

Here is a link to some mindfulness activities as well.

The link below is to the Provincial document on information on mask use for teachers and staff working in close proximity.

Please feel free to email or call me 204-831-2397 (MANTE office)

Martha Wiebe

MANTE President Days 1,3,5

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Executive Members

President                          Martha Wiebe

Vice President                  Jessica Angell

Treasurer                           Robyn King

Secretary                            Cerys Hooper

Information Officer         Signy McIntyre

Board Office Rep              Rosemary Koltalo

EA Rep                               Jennifer Monaster

EA Rep                               Maggi Sawchuk

EA Rep                               Gayle Rafter

Health & Welfare Rep     Maggi Sawchuk

Library Rep                       Jocelyn Oliver

Secretary Rep                   Johanne Sawyer

Secretary Rep                  Wanda Prychitko

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Manitoba Association of Non-Teaching Employees


The Manitoba Association of Non-Teaching Employees (MANTE) was certified as the bargaining unit for all clerical employees of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division #2 on November 23, 1977.

We are currently an organization of approximately 400 members. At the school level we represent Educational Assistants, Program Assistants,  Library Technicians, Interpreter Tutors, Secretarial Staff, Computerized Notetakers and Behavior Intervention Specialists. At the Board Office and Maintenance we represent non-management Secretarial Staff including payroll, accounts payable/receivable and reception.

The objects and purposes of the Association are to unite into one organization all non-managerial employees, to act as a bargaining agent for employees, to regulate the relations between employees in an equitable manner and to maintain harmonious relations between the employers and the employees.

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