Information for CERB/EI

The best place to get current and up to date information is the website.

Click on the link for “Supports for Individual” and then “Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)”, and you will get to a short self assessment tool that will let  you know, based on the situation, whether you should be applying for CERB by completing an EI application or apply for CERB through the Canada Revenue Agency.

If the self assessment advised them to file for EI then they can file on their last day of pay.

There is no reference code provided therefor  say no to that question and proceed with their application.

Your ROE is not used in the calculation of CERB benefits.  All claims established March 15,2020 or later will be set at a rate of $500 per week.

CERB is available for a maximum of 16 weeks.  If people are still unemployed after receiving 16 weeks of CERB, or it is October 3, 2020 , they would then collect regular EI benefits.

I cannot stress enough the importance of staff checking the website for the most complete and up to date information.

Martha Wiebe



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We are here for you!

Your association has been working on your behalf for the last number of weeks and is dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights and well being of our members.  Your confidence in our efforts means so much.

Your mental well being is not only our top priority, but also that of St. James-Assiniboia School Division.  Please follow the link provided under Staying Well in SJASD for confidential counselling or if you need to access one of the many agencies that are able to help in these uncertain times.

Keep Well!

Your MANTE Executive

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Executive Members

President                          Martha Wiebe

Vice President                  Tracy Cox

Treasurer                           Robyn King

Secretary                            Jo-Anne Morris

Information Officer         Signy McIntyre

Secretary Rep                   Jessica Angell

EA Rep                              Andre Vautour

EA Rep                              Maggi Sawchuk

EA Rep                              Gail Rafter

Board Office Rep             Rosemary Koltelo

Library Rep                      Jocelyn Oliver

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Manitoba Association of Non-Teaching Employees


The Manitoba Association of Non-Teaching Employees (MANTE) was certified as the bargaining unit for all clerical employees of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division #2 on November 23, 1977.

We are currently an organization of approximately 400 members. At the school level we represent Educational Assistants, Program Assistants,  Library Technicians, Interpreter Tutors, Secretarial Staff, Computerized Notetakers and Behavior Intervention Specialists. At the Board Office and Maintenance we represent non-management Secretarial Staff including payroll, accounts payable/receivable and reception.

The objects and purposes of the Association are to unite into one organization all non-managerial employees, to act as a bargaining agent for employees, to regulate the relations between employees in an equitable manner and to maintain harmonious relations between the employers and the employees.

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