Ratification Date

The Association is happy to report that we have reached a tentative agreement with the division and are ready to present this agreement to our membership. We will be holding a ratification vote on June 19th, 2024 at 5pm in the Sturgeon Heights Collegiate Theatre. Our lawyer, Adrian Frost, from Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP will be on hand to go through the package and answer any questions. Once the information has been presented, the ratification vote will take place. You must be in attendance, hearing the information firsthand, to take part in the vote. We encourage all members to be in attendance if possible. We look forward to seeing you all.

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June Newsletter

The June newsletter has been posted under the Newsletter tab. In this months addition you will find important EI information as well as a list of all our retirees for the year.

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PD committee Rep opening

The Professional Development Committee has an opening for a secretarial representative. All PD applications are discussed and voted on by the PD committee. As part of this committee your input will be valued and respected. The committee has an annual meeting which you would also be part of. If you would like to put your name forth for this committee, please email myself at mante@mante.ca by June 11th, 2024.

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AGM results

Thank you to all who attended the AGM on May 22nd. It was great to see so many familiar faces as well as so many new faces. I know that it can be tough to make it to the meeting as many of us have evening commitments that take priority. The minutes for a general meeting are always open to the membership. Once the minutes have been accepted and passed at our next Executive meeting (June 11th) they will be available to view if you wish. Please send me an email if you would like to read the minutes. Several motions were voted on by the 60 members that were present. The results of those votes are as follows:

Motion 1 – Presidents time commitment: Part Time – 9 votes, Full time – 51 votes. President will remain at a full-time position for the 2024/2025 school year

Motion 2 – Dissolve Information Officer and one EA rep: Yes – 57 votes, No – 3 votes Both positions will be removed from the Constitution

Motion 3 – Updates to the Constitution: Yes – 58 votes, No – 2 votes All updates to the Constitution will be made

Motion 4 – Updates to the Standing Rules: Yes – 57 votes, No – 3 votes All updates to the Standing Rules will be made

Motion 5 – Decrease to the President and Vice President’s stipend: Yes – 43 votes, No – 17 votes Stipends will be reduced for those two positions

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the membership for your support throughout this past year. It has been a learning curve and I have been trying my best to ensure that the membership has been heard and represented. I look forward to continuing in this role next school year.

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AGM reminder May 22nd

The 2023/2024 AGM is booked for May 22nd at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue. http://anaf283.com/ The meeting will start promptly at 5pm. Refreshments will be provided starting at 4:45pm so that everyone has an opportunity to grab some food before the meeting starts.

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Discount insurance offer

Gemstar Insurance has proudly teamed up with Intact Insurance to provide St. James Assiniboia Teachers’ Association a group discount on home insurance and has extended this offer to members and retirees of MANTE. The offer contains a Group Discount for home insurance. In addition, Intact will also waive their financing fee. Intact Insurance will also include their “Intact Assistance” product at no charge, which provides free legal advice, family care assistance and online referral resources. If you would like more information regarding this offer, please contact the MANTE office and I will send you the specifics.

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May Newsletter

The May newsletter is now available under the newsletter tab. In this months issue you will find information regarding the upcoming AGM nominations.

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AGM and Nominations

The 2023/2024 AGM is booked for May 22nd at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue. http://anaf283.com/ The meeting will start promptly at 5pm. Refreshments will be provided starting at 4:45pm so that everyone has an opportunity to grab some food before the meeting starts. At every AGM, in addition to other business that may be transacted, the report of the officers and the financial statement shall be presented, and the officers elected. The following positions are available for nomination:

Vice President – Assume duties and powers of the President in their Absence, signing authority, Chair the Grievance Committee

Secretary – Record all facts and minutes of all proceedings in the books kept for that purpose, have charge of the minutes’ books, give immediate notice in writing to any member against whom a charge has been placed.

Educational Assistant, Library and Secretary Representatives – Attend all Executive and general meetings, Advocate for the rights of the membership as outlined in the Collective Agreement by informing the President of any situations that arise.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please let me know. We will not be accepting any nominations from the floor, so if you are interested in a position you must email me before May 13th. If you would like a full description of duties or have any questions, please reach out and I will gladly answer all your questions.  At least ten days prior to the AGM, I will send out, through email, any motions or proposals that pertain to the entire membership and that require a vote. The Association looks forward to seeing everyone on May 22nd.

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April Newsletter

The latest edition of the newsletter is now available under the newsletter tab located above. In this issue you will find information regarding the upcoming AGM including the positions available for nomination and the instructions on how to put forth your name. There is also a brief statement regarding negotiations and an explanation of the ‘Rule of Two’. Enjoy.

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Violent Incident Reports

If you experience violence in the workplace, it is very important that you fill out the proper paperwork. Your school may have an in school form they wish you to fill out, but you also need to report it through this online form. The online Violent Incident form can be found through the division portal labeled MANTE Violent Incident. I have attached instructions on where to find this form. These instructions can also be found under the Blog Roll. If there is an injury, you must also fill out a WCB form, which is located on the same page that you find the Violent Incident Report, it is labeled EBBB-E-2 Notice of Accident Form – Fillable. If you have any questions or are unsure if you should fill out the form, please contact me and I can answer those questions for you. http://mante.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Violent-Incident-Form-Instructions.pdf

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